Secure your Digital Footprint

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Securing your Digital Footprint

* Security is something that most of us have ignored, assuming that the Internet was 'safe.' What we didn't know, it was more like the Wild, Wild West.

* Find out why you should be concerned about ‘Rule 41.’

* Understand how to keep yourself safe while using free wifi.

* Learn which browsers don't track you.

* Discover what a VPN is and why it should be used.

* And devine the other 'secrets' for Securing your Digital Footprint.

This FREE 9 day online course will educate you on the security risks of our ever changing digital world.
The lessons will be emailed to you, every day or two. You will be able to study at your leisure. Remember, there are no dumb questions.

Simply fill in your email and click the button below and you'll be on your way to a more secure 2017.

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